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Public Sculptures


Things I knew to be true

Things I Knew To Be True is a meditation on the passing of knowledge, and the compounding transformations of meaning that accrue in the processes of translation, interpretation, and understanding. Composed of eight hundred twenty two plates of salvaged steel plasma-cut to evoke a written language—the characters of which take the form of abstracted human figures—it is a handmade manuscript of the artist’s own reflections on the passage of time, life and death. Exhibited as a wall-mounted monumental paragraph, Things I Knew To Be True is a fluid and unverifiable chronicle into which each reader will read their own story.

This work is made from recycled steel salvaged from industrial oilfield fabrication. All plasma-cutting and welding involved in the creation of this work was powered by solar energy.

Approximately 28' X 28'

Stanley Milner Library

Edmonton, Alberta

Commissioning body: City of Edmonton

                                    Edmonton Arts Council


Drawn by Desire


500 Aluminum Water Jet Cut Plates of varying sizes

suspended over 50’ long X 20’ high X 8’ wide space

Simons, Londonderry Mall, Edmonton, Alberta

Commissioning body: Simon’s




Carved from 50,000 lbs of the whitest granite available in North America, “Duration” is a symbol for purity, water and longevity in a human relationship.  Commissioned for the 100th anniversary of Calgary Waterworks.  


5’x 8’x 24’ 



Glenmore Reservoir

Calgary, Alberta

Full Circle


The iron figures are direct castings from 5 hand carved and charred wooden figures that circumnavigated Canada in a 30,000km, 5 year journey. This journey took them through every province and through the Northwest Passage on a Coast Guard Icebreaker, traversing the territories, and eventually returning home.  During this time they were exposed to the elements while being transported upright in an old pickup truck, on the uppermost deck of the Coast Guard vessel, and by helicopter to a seagoing barge.  The weathering and the damage incurred is captured in the castings, leaving gouges, broken legs and scarring clearly visible.  Among many other things this piece is about the geography of Canada and the witnessing of it’s changing.  The charcoal and the rust from the original journey left the largest drawing I have ever made.  The journey was self directed and self funded largely by speaker and exhibition fees.


8' Figures, 12' X 5' X 26"



Queen St E and Victoria

Toronto, Ontario



Two Rivers Art Gallery, Olympic Arts funding, City of Prince George.
To commemorate the Pine beetle infestation in BC and Western Canada
Figure carved from beetle kill pine trunk, cast in iron with bronze tree cast from top of same tree.




Overall height 21’



Two Rivers Art Gallery

Olympic Arts funding

City of Prince George




1997 - 2022


Willow, aspen


17' X 6' X 4'


Project with the Banff Centre wherein a willow boat is left to deteriorate for 25 years, photographed annually from the same position, photographs displayed within the Centre.  

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